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Binder Planet  
This is an excellent site for most anything Scout related. I don't know what happened but there was a split of some kind and all the information that used to be on the Binder Bulletin is now here.  

I started out many years ago as a subscribing member of Binder Bulletin and while there were many times the site was not on line (for various reasons I am not privy to) on the whole it worked pretty well.  One day Binder Bulletin disappeared and I thought that it was gone permanently.  After a bit of a search I came across Binder Planet and tried my user name and password and viola it worked!  I have been mainly using Binder Planet but I noticed recently that Binder Bulletin is infested with ads.

My recommendation is to go to both and make up your own mind as to which you prefer.  I am sticking with Binder Planet as it has more information on it.  I will leave the reasons as to why the two exist in the realm of need to know and I don't need to know!