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Binder Planet vs Binder Bulletin - November 2009

I started out many years ago as a subscribing member of Binder Bulletin and while there were many times the site was not on line (for various reasons I am not privy to) on the whole it worked pretty well.  One day Binder Bulletin disappeared and I thought that it was gone permanently.  After a bit of a search I came across Binder Planet and tried my user name and password and viola it worked!  Since then, which was probably about a year ago, I have been using Binder Planet but I noticed recently that Binder Bulletin has a few more postings than it did a year ago.


My recommendation is to go to both and make up your own mind as to which you prefer.  I am sticking with Binder Planet as it has more information on it.  I will leave the reasons as to why the two exist in the realm of need to know and I don't need to know!



Transmission and Drivetrain Repair - August 2005


After much research and constantly getting screwed over by the incompetent garages near me I decided to take the 2 and a half hour drive and get my Dana 300 transfer case replaced with a new used Dana 300(supplied by me) by Snohomish Transmission.  I talked at length with Rick, the owner, before I went in and was very satisfied with his obvious knowledge of Scouts and IH in general AND he has a Scout II and an earlier Scout of his own which gave me even more confidence in his abilities.


When I got to the shop I was impressed with the large facilities and professional manner in which I was treated.  As expected, the work was more than I anticipated because of problems they caught such as leaking axle seals which I knew about but had been ignoring.  Rick was a bit puzzled by the fact I had no way to put inner seals on the rear axle but there is a first time for everything and the new outer seals they put in seem to be keeping the oil in.  Also, I asked them to install new output shaft seals on the transfer case and this was a bit of a problem time wise because the seals took a while to get from the parts supplier but if I had told Rick about this the day before I came in he would have them ready.


Overall, I was very pleased with my experience and was very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism Rick and his staff showed at all times.  I would highly recommend Snohomish Transmission for any drivetrain work you need.


PS: I drove down from Canada to get the work done on advice from a friend.  Glad I took his advice.